What is Media Trauma?

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2 Hours- Those who spend less than 2 hours a day on entertainment/media, primarily enjoy the benefits of their personal device.

5 Hours- Research shows that those spending more than 5 hours a day on their device double the risk of depressive and anxious symptoms and suicidal thoughts.

9 Hours- The average high school student spends 9 hours a day on entertainment/social media outside of school and homework.

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Inner Technology: how to be human in a digital world

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

As our digital abilities advance, it is easy to unintentionally give away our valuable and limited time and attention on things that are not the most essential for our well-being. 

Inner Technology is a little handbook  designed for anyone who is in the process of healing from Media Trauma or who is interested in developing a healthy relationship with their digital world while also caring for their human needs. 

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What is Media Trauma?

Media Trauma can affect an individual in one or more of the following ways:

1. A traumatic experience through personal media use.

2. An addiction to personal media that impairs relationships, work, and play.

3. Neglect of self or others because of a misuse of personal media.

4. An interruption of human development because of misuse of personal media.

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3 Simple Steps You Can Take Today

1. Go Grayscale (google the directions for your device): While your screen will turn black and white, your eyes will thank you for the break and your real life will be in full color again.

2. Remove your "favorite" time waster from your phone. Like magic, you will suddenly have extra hours in your day.

3. Be Aware: Pay attention to how you use your device. When are you using it? When is it using you? When are you creating? When are you consuming? When are you being consumed? 

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Our digital tools can allow us to grow, become, learn and do almost anything we want to.  

 This can only happen if we learn to become architects of our own digital life instead of being consumed by it.  

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What We Do

Media Trauma Care is a volunteer group of professionals dedicated to bring awareness and resources to care for those impacted by media trauma