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This is some what we are hearing from people who are learning how design a healthy digital life and participate in an enjoyable human experience. 

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Have You Tried "Going Gray"?

“I've been gray for a couple months now. For me, it took the candy coating off my phone, so I could see it for what it was. I am a visual person, so I do not enjoy the grayscale at all. It is harder for me to find my apps and to understand the ones I use (ex. Weather radar, maps, etc.). It is positive for me because it makes me want to spend as little as time as possible on my phone, which is my goal. I tuned the color on for 2 minutes yesterday to view a photo and it was astounding how bright and fluorescent it seemed- like totally over the top, like total visual overstimulation. I turned it back to grayscale as quick as I could!”

-41 year old, professional singer and mother of two

What have you noticed when you started to pay attention to how your time on social media impacts you?

“One thing I have noticed is that I use social media, both knowingly and unknowingly, to numb out from my "negative feelings" about my own life by using scenes from other people’s lives to do so. The problem is that it turns into a vicious cycle— because the more I look at social media, the more "negative feelings" I have… thus the more I need social media to numb out!”

-29 year old, female, therapist

What do you do when you feel lonely? Does it make you feel worse or better?

“I escape from feeling lonely by going to my phone. It helps as long as I stay on. And then, when I get off it again, I feel worse than before about myself and about my life.” 

-17 year old, female, junior in high school 

When does your phone make you feel worse about your life? 

I found that when I was connected to my phone or computer, it was impossible for me to also be connected to the people right in front of me. My media usage could (and probably did) communicate that I’d rather be somewhere other than right here. This was NOT what I wanted the people in my life to believe and learning to “connect by disconnecting” has been a game-changer.

-38 year old, Pastor, father of 4 

What is the most recent best moment you have had? What were the ingredients?

Last night I stayed up way too late talking with friends about what it means to be an American and how to be respectful. There was cake, chicken nuggets, laughter, a small room, too few chairs, and lots of listening and love. 

-17 year old, female, senior in high school


What happened when you took your "favorite" time waster off of your phone?

“I decided to take Twitter off of my phone because every time I got on my phone, I would check it and lose at least 30 minutes. Since then I have noticed that I am less angry. And it’s not like I am angry person it was more like, why are all these awful things happening in the world, why is no one doing anything about it and why are the people who are trying to do something being held back? I still check Twitter on my phone, I have just added extra steps so that I do it less.” 

-19 year old, male,  journalism major

Do you have personal rules for your own digital world?

"No phones at the dinner table. Kids no phones an hour before bedtime and not in bedrooms. When doing things together, phones are kept away (playing games, watching TV, on trips together, with company). Time at home in the evenings is largely phone screen free. We do watch TV together somewhat during the week, but phones are put in the center of the room so that we aren't picking it up all the time. I don't feel phones interrupt because we are very conscious of using them when we are together. And when they creep in, we bring it up and hold each other accountable for how it affects the group, either privately or in the group itself."

-30 year old, female, IT professional and step-mom

When does your phone make you feel better about your life?

When I know my kids are safe and I get to hear from them.

-44 year old, dad, television producer

When I get to make plans with my friends.

Staying in contact with friends and family that live far away.


Your "Phone" is so much more than a phone-What is it for you?

A few years ago I slipped into a deep depression.  Not knowing how to turn to others in my time of need, I found myself retreating to remote areas and getting through the day on my phone.  It was very easy to play games or scour social media in search of meaning and importance in life.  My phone became a barrier to the healing I needed. 

_40 year old, male, father, financial advisor

Is exercise important to you?

Exercise is important to me because unless I feel my heart racing, my skin sweating, my lungs pumping, I can forget that I'm a human animal and approach life as if I were a machine. Exercise gives me the opportunity to reconnect with my physical body. When I go on a long hike, I have all kinds of good ideas and problem solving and a wave of contentment and the feeling that all is well. I have not found a way to short circuit that. It requires being outdoors, in nature, and time. Pushing harder can't get me there faster. I just need to spend the time.

-40 year old, mom, psychology professor